Intelligence watches

This intelligence watches service refers to information research, targeted or not, by using the Internet (French and English), but also by attending trade shows (in France and abroad), reading specialized publications, networking, etc. This service includes a detailed intelligence assessment report.

Gender-inclusive language

Gender-inclusive language or gender-neutral writing aims to promote social equality between women and men, without affecting the flow of the document. Luckily, the French language is full of elegant solutions. Translature can train your team. Ask us for more details.


Converting units of measure and currency or adapting cultural concepts and indicators, including in-depth explanation if the element does not exist in the French culture.


Your text is already written in French. This involves correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, harmonizing the tone, lightening the style, or reinforcing the message according to your instructions.


Without the English source text. The language professional only proofreads the French target document.


Consists of verifying the accuracy of the adaptation, style and fluidity, as well as the layout of the French document by comparing its English original.

Instructive or informational translations

Reserved for low budgets or to provide sorting of information before an integral translation.


Technical translation

Less eloquent than the integral translation, this service satisfies rigorous specifications as much as technical writing does. Technical translating often includes building a glossary and style guide specifically for your company.

Integral and eloquent translation for distribution

Requires meticulous adaptation of the English source text to the French document. This not only applies to the words themselves, but also the ideas, concepts, initial intentions, tone, style and the fluidity of the sentences. The delivered document will retain the original format, of course.