More details than a diagram!

Translators know that diagrams help us understand what we are translating. And yet, many customers do not provide diagrams with technical documents. The BePositive trade show was held recently in Lyon, and proved to be a gold mine in this respect. Hall 4 had renewable energy professionals broken up into 12 different sectors. Several of my recent translations were about the prospects for wood pellets and dendro power, so I hastily approached the Saelen Heizomat stand which had several models of fully automatic dual-fuel boilers on display, as well as samples of alternative fuels such as wood chips, wood and vegetable waste pellets, sawdust, miscanthus, canola straw and vine canes.
Extraction agitator, extraction channel, infeed auger, rotary feeder, chain-and-flight de-ashing, turbulators, smoke extractors, etc.
After 30 minutes of explanations and demonstrations, I better understood the issues surrounding ash disposal. Communication between the Heizomat factory and Saelen Energie—their French developer—and between Saelen Energie and their partners generates a daily need for translation. “The quality of our translations is essential for understanding the role of each piece of technical equipment,” explains Marc Thevenet, business manager.

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