Translature Intelligence assessments

Competitive intelligence

Your goal is to maintain your position as the leader in your field. It’s of utmost importance for you to stay one step ahead and to always innovate and anticipate. Competitive intelligence is the tool you need.
Renewable energies and civil rights: TRANSLATURE puts its expertise at your service by conducting targeted, personalized intelligence and competitive assessments.

Standing apart from your competitors requires constant and regular intelligence assessments for a number of business strategies.

Anticipate emerging trends Gain feedback on your image Stay informed of technological advances Identify new stakeholders Anticipate legal evolutions Better understand competitor strategy

We’ll define your precise needs together.

Targeted data
Rigorous and methodological data mining of French and English web information produces abundant digital data. Efficient sorting with high-performance software eliminates irrelevant results and selects the most valuable strategic information for you.

Qualitative information
Not everything can be found within big data! TRANSLATURE supplements digital data with in-the-field knowledge by attending several professional trade shows each year, and by participating in conferences in France, Europe, and the United States.

Detailed results
TRANSLATURE will provide a confidential intelligence assessment report in a secure format following a predefined schedule.

Systematic practice
Cyclical repetition of this process supplies its added value. Collecting intelligence means gaining insight.


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