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Gender-neutral language

Your goal is to have your values conveyed into French. It's of utmost importance for you to stay tuned with your target readership. Gender neutral or inclusive language is the tool you need to convey your values into the translation of your messages towards your target readers.
You make a point of writing with non gender bias in English. How would you like your communication in French to be 100% masculine? Such would be the case if you don't specifically request a "traduction non sexiste" from your selected and seasoned translator.

Renewable energies and civil rights: TRANSLATURE puts its expertise at your service by translating into French in a gender neutral language.

Standing apart from your competitors requires a respectful message towards your target readership (internal and external clients).

As Prof. Mark A. Grinker put it as early as 1994: "The consistent use of masculine pronouns leaves the impression that women could not be among the group to which the writer is referring. While some may respond that the masculine pronouns "he" and "his" refer to men and women both, the impression left is in the eye of the reader, not that of the writer. Because many readers read masculine pronouns to refer only to men, the writer, perhaps inadvertently, will have created the wrong impression."

Where the English language only needs to care about pronouns (and a few nouns like chairman > chairperson), the gendered French language has to care about articles, nouns, articles, past participles... referring to people.

We’ll define your precise needs together according to your target readership, so as to adjust the type of gender-neutral language.

Style guide
Consistency of this process supplies its added value. We will co-create a style guide so that anyone translating towards French in your organisation can adopt a consistent style.


“ You might like to hear that you have received excellent feedback on your most current translation for X. Correct terminology and consistency : very good Localisation and formatting : very good - Style and register : excellent - Adherence to project instructions, reference material, style guides, etc. : very good. ”
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