From the pine forests…

telechargementFrom the pine forests…

The pine forests in the Haut-Doubs region of France are home to 1,600 km of mountain biking trails, spanning across the Haute Joux woodlands, through the delightful Loue Valley and up to the summit of the Mont D’Or. Mountain bikers ride side by side with a wide variety of other cyclists along the region’s trails, paths and roads in any season. You won’t be surprised, then, to find out one of the co-translators of this book works among these forests. Inspiration arises from our environs, and cyclists passing before my very eyes galvanized my work.

Much like cyclists during a race, translating within a team is a two-fold challenge to a single player operating within a group spirit: sharing terminology without knowing if it will help colleagues; reviewing, discussing and commenting on their contributions; and finally, exercising goodwill and wise judgement. This type of translation presents a wide variety of challenges, including managing time, tapping into creative assets to craft each chapter, adding a touch of poetry without overdoing it, checking and rechecking technical terms, and delivering on time.

…to under the Christmas tree

This coffee-table book arrived on the bookstores shelves eight weeks before Christmas, just as the spot-on marketing team at Larousse planned, and is the perfect gift to place under the tree this year for any cyclist. It combines fascinating research with rich pictures and illustrations at the truly affordable price of €34.00. Discover predecessors like the pennyfarthings, boneshakers and velocipedes, as well as details about the titanium revolution and the technical aspects needed to understand the complexity of the bike as we know it.

400 vélos de légende, Larousse

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