What do the Corleone, the Kardashian and the NYSE have in common?

Their family! Whatever the history, the relationship, the Christmas presents and Thanksgiving failures, the family IS. But, what is it? Strongly restraining roots in an educative framework, the family only […]

A Whirlwind Multilingual Team

A Whirlwind Multilingual Team Ten years ago, Michael Pierrot created The Wind Power—a specialized, online database providing comprehensive consultation, identification and analyzation of wind turbine information from all over the […]

From the pine forests…

From the pine forests… The pine forests in the Haut-Doubs region of France are home to 1,600 km of mountain biking trails, spanning across the Haute Joux woodlands, through the […]

ITI Code of professional conduct

ITI members, which I am, are required to act in accordance with the following principles:  Honesty and integrity – Professional competence – Client confidentiality and trust  – Relationships with other members. […]

Renewable energy

In a recent post, I have explained why I share this passion with you about the renewable energy (RenE), and how it matches my English into French translation competences. Let’s […]

What type of inputs for a biogas unit?

Do you have any idea where the first biogas unit created in France can be found? In Obernai, Alsace, at the company managed by the lycée agricole (agricultural secondary school). […]

Does your typical business day include wearing more than one hat?

At the beginning of my work day, I meet with my intelligence assessment consultant for a good hour. Together, we read specialized articles via pre-programmed alerts. With the help of […]

Rising to a Threefold Challenge

The synchronicity between three tremendous areas of development could give rise to an industrial shift of uncommon scale. These three forces are the expansive development of the American photovoltaic industry […]

A reusable notebook

I made a fantastic find at the 2016 Paris Book Fair: a reusable notebook. It’s as easy to use as a white board but once dried, the ink won’t disappear […]

Calendrier de printemps de votre traductrice

Votre traductrice s’absente pour la bonne cause durant le printemps. Voici son calendrier : Salon du livre de Paris, le 17 mars 2016 Réunion régionale de la SFT  à Dijon, le 4 juin 2016 […]

French: a second Revolution is ‘en route’

In spite of the key role Chinese companies play in Africa, African people stick to speaking French. More and more. Forbes mentions the incredible development of the French-speaking markets by […]

Looking for freelance translators

Looking for freelance translators You occasionally buy translation services, or just start to do so? The following tips will help you save much time and money. First ask yourself whether […]

Technotrust vs. natural language translation

We, translators are well aware of the perils of global marketing using literal “translations.” Sometimes, we laugh, others not. The concerned companies never laugh. Millions are spoilt, image is degraded. […]

Renewable Energies in France

Over the course of keeping up with events, I have put together a visual aid setting the record straight. There’s a good reason to be optimistic, don’t you think?

Intellectual property

International Translation Day is officially celebrated in France only every two years, so I had saved the date, December 12, 2014, well ahead of time. Despite the other intriguing subjects, […]

Language professionals coming out of their shell

Meeting up in the Champagne region! Translators spend long, lonely days in front of their computer keyboards and screens. When the French translators’ union, La Société Française des Traducteurs, proposed […]

More details than a diagram!

Translators know that diagrams help us understand what we are translating. And yet, many customers do not provide diagrams with technical documents. The BePositive trade show was held recently in […]