A Whirlwind Multilingual Team

A Whirlwind Multilingual Team

Ten years ago, Michael Pierrot created The Wind Power—a specialized, online database providing comprehensive consultation, identification and analyzation of wind turbine information from all over the globe—while he was still employed as an engineer. Customers came rushing in, and the steep demand proved (as if proof was really necessary) that reliable data always has a favorable wind.  Today, Michael Pierrot is appropriately thrilled with his success. The only man on board, he is quick to respond to any questions and customizes his product when requested.  His only dissatisfaction with his business was not having effective marketing on his website. And that’s where I was able to add grist to the mill.

Convinced that the quality he provided deserved to be reflected in his text, and since I had already headed up two annual updates of his site in three European languages, I proposed to create attractive content in the site’s four main languages: French, English, Spanish, and German. Originally surprised by my initiative, he soon accepted the challenge. And the adventure began!

4 “Fans” of Wind Power

To write pertinent and perfectly adapted content, I brought together a team of four language professionals. This project was much more than a “simple” translation from one language into another.  It was out-and-out copywriting that needed to be adapted into languages easily understood cross-culturally: Standard English, French, Spanish and German.  During the project, the team worked together and individually. After two videoconferences with Michael Pierrot to delve into his professional path, values, and customer feedback, we each spent time researching keywords in our target languages.  Through regular contact between us, we were able to draw up a progress report half way through the project. Our first drafts pinpointed our vast culture differences, but we were able to agree on the overall goals. In the end, the texts delivered in all four languages included a strong value proposition, slogan, 300 words of marketing text, list of SEO keywords, and a proposal for future developments.

“The new banner with your contents seems so self-evident now”

The contents have been put on line in the four languages.  Michael Pierrot has told us time and again how our team influenced his site: “When I first put it on line, I found it very strange. After several days, I took another look at the older version, and I wondered how I could have even accepted the earlier home page for so long. The new banner with your contents seems so self-evident now. I am really happy, and my clientele is as well!”

The four women who threw caution to the wind for this project are:  Sara GARCÍA HERNÁNDEZ (Spanish), Isabelle MEURVILLE — Translature (French), Mary MORITZ — Wordstyle (English), Petra SCHÖNFELDER MALOT (German)




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