• At the forefront
    Isabelle Philippe Meurville develops her knowledge and skills with continuing professional development (CPD) by participating in meetings, training, and events. She subscribes to specialized publications, and continually monitors her business fields for the latest news. This approach guarantees that her work—and your translations—are leading edge.
  • Translating as a team
    Being a freelance translator doesn’t mean working alone. Isabelle Philippe Meurville knows how to forge quality business relationships based on listening, sharing, and understanding your communications needs.
  • Freelance translator
    Your style of communicating deserves quality translations that bring value to your products and services, and reinforces your image. We have a range of freelance translator services to meet your exact needs.
  • A specialized translator
    For the past 15 years, Isabelle Philippe Meurville has been specializing in the environment and civil rights sectors. Her commitment to these issues means a majority of documents she has translated or revised are in these fields.
  • Natural Language Translation is what human translators do best!
    Translating your product documents
  • Translating your websites
  • Translating your sustainable development annual reports
  • Translating your brochures
  • Translating your training documents
Traduction ÉnR Environment
Accompagner la communication des entreprises du secteur de l’environnement. Assisting environmental businesses with marketing and communications.
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Rédaction non sexiste Gender-neutral language
Accompagner le changement. Such an issue in gendered French language.
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Création de contenu Services
Une variété de prestations qui répond au plus juste à vos besoins. A variety of services meeting your specific needs.
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Traduction Droits humains Human rights
Contribuer à la communication des ONG et des institutions. Providing communications services for NGOs and institutions.
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