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Do you speak baguette ?

Do you speak baguette?

What if we paid everyone like a freelancer?


  • ‘Morning, I’ll have a well-cooked baguette. Thank you, Bye.
  • Sir, you forgot to pay me.
  • That’s because, I’m gonna eat your baguette at lunch with my family.
  • And?
  • We’ll be 10! That’s a nice exposure for you.
  • OK, but it doesn’t pay me.
  • Right, but if the people like your baguette, I’ll tell them it comes from here. Because it’s important to support the workers.
  • But the best way would still be to pay me.
  • Now, you really don’t get it. Those people, if they like your baguette, and know it comes from here, they may come here and buy you croissants, or little shits there, for real money.
  • I do the work, you pay me!
  • Work, work… I mean I respect all that relates to good grub, but there’s no more to this than baking bread. Give my nephew some water and flour, he’ll be doing the same. Maybe even better.
  • So, why don’t you go to your nephew’s?
  • I should. But I am a good guy, and try and support the workers. Now, you obviously do not want to work, so just don’t.
  • Know what? You should leave, right now.
  • I am leaving, ‘cause there are many other very nice bakeries out there, I wonder why I come here.
  • Well, go there!
  • I am! ‘cause the more I eat your baguette, and the more I can feel there is no passion in your bread. I can feel you work for money, and that’s real shame. I mean it!
  • Walk out!
  • Anyway, I don’t give a f*** of your baguette.
  • Waow, he sucks! Now, if he wants to give you exposure, he needs to post on Insta! For instance, if I write a little Story about you, would you offer me a chocolate croissant, maybe two?
  • (sighs)


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